Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Family Genealogy Brings New Insight

Tracing my family genealogy back to the reformation in Switzerland where the Anabaptist movement started, has revealed their commitment that is beyond human understanding. These men were tortured and put to death because they believed that baptism should take place upon confession of faith rather than as an infant.

There are detailed records of the actual conversations that took place between the church rulers and the Anabaptist men that were called before the church rulers to explain their actions. Even with scripture proof to back their belief this men were condemned and put to death, some by drowning some were burnt at the stake.

It was during this time that my ancestors fled to America to escape this threat and to practice their belief in a new land.

As I read the accounts of my family history, I caught a glimpse of the price my ancestors paid to live out their faith in scripture. It is only a fleeting shadow of the price Jesus paid at the hands of religious leaders to provide eternal life to those who believe, repent, accept Him, and are baptized.