Monday, August 01, 2005

Amish Restaurant Driving Directions

Yes, it is really true, a delicious old fashion genuine Amish dinner is served every Friday evening during the summer months.
Look at your Montana highway map, in the northwest corner of the state. Find the towns of Libby and Eureka, got it? Highway number 37 connects the two towns, travel north if you are in Libby, travel south if you are in Eureka. Note, the junction to highway 37 is just a little way north of Eureka.

As you are traveling along the east side of the lake formed by the Libby Dam you will see a long bridge spanning the lake, turn west on this bridge, after you cross over turn right (north) follow the paved road to the Amish community, don’t give up, it really is out there. When you see a little school house on your left you are almost there, the store with a hitching rail at the side of the parking lot is the place.

Call 406-880-3588 after 9:00 AM for reservation. You will not be disappointed, go a few minutes early to view the Quilts and other items in the general store.

Check out the license plates on the cars in the parking lot, they are from many states and even Canada.