Friday, September 16, 2005

Beachy's Pharmacy, Grantsville MD

About Us

In these days of super stores, it's becoming harder and harder to find a business with personal service directly from the owners. A family owned pharmacy since 1979, Beachy's Pharmacy caters to its clients with convenient front and rear parking that includes a hitching post for Amish customers. Free prescription delivery service is now available in the Grantsville, Accident and Salisbury, PA areas.

Beachy's Pharmacy, located at 149 Main Street in the center of Grantsville, is a member of Epic Pharmacies, a group of over 400 pharmacies in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware. As a group, Epic Pharmacies sign contracts with most insurance companies, so when the patient's drug plan lists Epic Pharmacies, the patient is covered at Beachy's. The Beachy pharmacy computer system helps maintain prescription records and, more importantly, performs automatic checks for harmful drug-drug interactions, protecting their patients for over 18 years. This service has been updated many times and provides easy-to-read drug information for the patient every time a new prescription is filled. The computer also allows the pharmacy to have a direct connection to most insurance companies so the patient knows immediately if the drug is covered by insurance.

Beachy's has their own website: The site is designed with the patient's needs in mind including easy ways to refill prescriptions and order drug information 24 hours a day. The site also contains information on services offered by the pharmacy, special gift merchandise available, links to helpful medical sites, and pictures of the store. You can contact Beachy's directly via email:

Beachy's Pharmacy supports many local groups through donations and has been a sponsor of Grantsville Days for the past 28 years.

Visit Beachy's Pharmacy in Grantsville where the patient always comes first. At Beachy's Pharmacy, "they work hard to help you feel better"!