Thursday, October 06, 2005

Abraham Beachy's Stone House PA.

A beautiful stone house built by Abraham, son of Peter I. Each generation a male descendant from the Beachy family has lived in that house until now. It is presently owned by Jerry and Martha (Compton) Beachy. His parents had lived in it. He is the first generation with no male descendants. so there's no one to pass it on to! All the stones were cut and gathered by Abraham and his family.
This information comes from the genealogy book, "The Family of Hans and Margaret Zum (Bach) Biettschi" Compiled by Raymond and Darla Beachy 1626 - 2004.
To purchase a copy of this book contact: Darla Kizer 4911 Old Oak Leaf Drive Sarasota, FL, 34233. email
I highly recommend this (big) book for anyone interested in the Beachy Family history. It is very user friendly, with lots of interesting stories, notes, and historical pictures. A great book for researching the family tree all the way back to 1626 in Switzerland.
Credit for the above photo goes to Martha Beachy in Arizona.
In my phone conversation Oct. 6, 2005 with Jerry Beachy, he told me the stone house was built in 1809 and that he has sold the stone house and the new owner has moved in and is repairing it.