Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Cross Roads School

The Cross Roads School, just off of route 669 on the Niverton Road, PA
Cross Roads School 1907 - 1908
The teacher, Florence Yoder, stands at the extreme right of the picture, Noah Beachy: extreme right, first full row (age 10) Allen Compton: Backrow, to the right of the second section of blackboard.
Annie Beachy: right, second full row, second child.
Effie Beachy: right, second full row, third child.
The following students are also in the picture but position is unknown:
Floyd Bender, Lewis Bender, Menno Beachy, George Shaw, Ray Engle, Lester Engle, Emma Engle, Orpha Baker, Crist Baker, Evora Folk, Lydia Folk, George Shaw, Robert Larue, Ray Shoemaker, Arthur Shoemaker.