Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Landon Beachy (rides again)

"The Race Across the Sky"
Picture from previous ride,

By: John Butters

Landon Beachy has ridden as much as 280 miles in 16 hours, and 750 miles in 89 hours. But the toughest 12 hours of his racing career may have occurred on the Leadville Trail 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race in Colorado.
Billed as "The Race Across the Sky," the Leadville 100 is a grueling ride that takes mountain bikers on one of the world's most demanding courses. The elevation of the race is the biggest hurdle for many cyclists, but it's only one of several. The rough terrain, punishing winds and cold rains test the best-conditioned athletes.
Click to view newspaper article. If you want to meet Landon in person try his Appliance Barn 1325 Highway 1 South, Kalona, IA 52247 Phone 319-656-2573