Saturday, December 27, 2008

Trent Beachy >Update< Dec. 27, 08.

The latest news on Trent:
"Had a conference with Trent's doctors today and here is the plan.
They want to keep him in the hospital until January 9th (two more weeks) then do out patient therapy until January 16th (another week). He will then be released to come home to Goshen. He will need to continue therapy from here to some facility nearby. We are not sure where yet. His doctor went over his X-rays, MRI and Cat-Scan. Main thing to note is that the swelling has begun to decrease around his spinal chord. His doctors feel that he is doing very well and making a speedy recovery. We are still unclear whether or not his hands will ever come back. It may require months or years until we know for sure but the doctor feels that three weeks is just too soon to start getting discouraged." For previous news about Trent look at 'Accidents' under Labels on the right hand side of this Blog.