Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dave Beachy 4 Quartet

The Beachy family has lived in Meade, Kansas for the past 11 years, owning and operating the Budget Host Moon Mist Motel. The family consists of Dave, Maggie, and the four children; Reddie 20, Eddie 17, D.J. 6 and Susie 3. When we first started going to the Philippines the main purpose was to visit Maggie's relatives, of which there are many. Each year we visited we would make friends with more of the families in the area, especially the children. My favorite thing to do was sitting on a stump with my guitar singing old time Sunday School songs and the kids would come from everywhere to join. We then invited several to go with us to a local Baptist church and discovered that the children were eager to attend Sunday School and learn about Jesus. Click here to read Dave's web site.