Sunday, July 04, 2010

A Few Oregon Beachys' at Air Museum in McMinnville

Note and picture from Floyd Beachy of Creswell Oregon July 3, 2010.
"Just a note that the "Reunion" went well today. We all had a good time. Our grandkids had a blast riding the plane themed merry go round ride in the space museum as well as being overwhelmed with the number of planes, satellites and other objects that fly in the sky and beyond."
"We met, had lunch and visited for some time before attempting to tour the museums."
Photo left to right. Front row, Bonnie Berry Beachy, (Floyd's mother). Jean & Norman Beachy, (Floyd's uncle) and 2nd cousin Howard Beachy.
Back row is Floyd & Cheryl's family: Chere and Cadance, Jay (Chere's friend) Jewel and Cheryl, and of course myself (Floyd) with Cameron on shoulder. Thanks Floyd for the picture and news of the day.I missed being there.
Posted by Glen A. Beachy, Beachy Echoes Editor July 4, 2010.