Saturday, July 17, 2010

Justin Beachy Kearney NE

Justin Beachy of Kearney brought his wife, Tori, and children, Dillon and Kiera, and to see the cars. His interest extends from basic appreciation to getting his hands dirty. “I have a ’69 Mustang I’ve been working on for about eight years,” Beachy said. “I also have a ’74 Ford pickup that’s slowly coming along.” Neither of his projects are ready for display. Beachy said he enjoys the entire process of restoring a vehicle “from taking it from the weeds, to tearing it completely down, to building it to make it your own.” He said he enjoys remaking classic cars by adding new technology to make the car something special. Click for the article in the Keaney Hub by staff writer Rick Brown. Article includes pictures,