Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Daniel Beachy First to Arrive

Forest Hill, Summers County WV. Yoder's Bakery on Seminole Road. Picture credit, Tom Hindman.
"Daniel came through eight years ago and couldn't quite forget it," she said. "He liked the country. We saw the opportunity to have our own business." The bakery provides a living for a small community of Amish families that moved to this area four years ago. The Yoders are one of 11 families that now reside in the bordering counties of Summers and Monroe.
Her (Melissa Yoder) helpers include the three Beachy sisters, Edith 22, Mary, 20 and Hannah, 19. Their cousin, 17-year-old Barbara Beachy, also works there. Click here for more in the Daily news - Charleston by Charlotte Ferrell, Smith Daily mail staff.