Friday, March 04, 2011

Dr. Larry L. Beachy Riding Bikes Safely

Larry L. Beachy, a retired dentist, served on the parks boards in Elkhart County and Goshen, Ind., for a combined 30 years before moving to Stuart. I was asked to form a committee to investigate and research all types of bicycle trails. In light of Eve Samples' reporting on three bicycle deaths in three weeks in Martin County, I would like to share the results or our investigation: Click here to read the report in TCPALM Thursday, March 3, 2011 . We built wide sidewalk trails to every school in our city limits, every park and government building, and every hospital and library in our city. These wide sidewalk trails are used by hundreds of people daily. We also built 13 miles of trails on an abandoned railroad. Eight miles of trails were built along a river. These long-distance trails connect to other cities where long-distance riders and walkers share willing not only the trail, but also the wildlife and surroundings. I can happily report that we have never had a death on an off road trail. I am 75 now and will continue to ride my bike on the sidewalk. I will be considerate and kind to every walker I approach or pass. I will thank them for allowing me to pass because that is way a grateful American treats his neighbor.