Sunday, April 22, 2012

Craig Beachy Port Clements BC

Queen Charlotte Islands British Columbia Canada
This letter just came in from Craig Beachy
Hello everyone.
The Japan Tsunami debris has arrived, there are hundreds of
Styrofoam floats coming ashore. I know some one that wants them so I
grabbed some last Sunday. I had the five on top and three inside.
There is also lots of big plastic ones like on the back of the jeep.
This is the stuff that crossed the ocean the fastest. We also found 3
Japanese gas jugs (red 18 liters) Yesterday I guy from Masset found a
sea container on the beach near the Oeanda river with a Harley
Davison motorcycle inside wrapped in blankets like it was being
shipped. The can had water in it, there was barnacles growing on the
bike. We are going to the east beach tomorrow, I am shopping for a
boat 25-30 feet. (it has to be out there).
  Happy beach combing.