Monday, July 16, 2012

Coach Mike Beachy Comments about Ameleah Moyer

Carlisle volleyball coach Mike Beachy remembers she didn’t like it and skipped out on her eighth-grade volleyball season. Moyer had to be talked into trying it again, but once she did she fell in love with the game and became one of the best in the state.
“We talked her into it in ninth grade,” Beachy said. “Once she fell in love with it, she was driven to work on every skill and be the best she could. She goes after it very hard.”
The coach said Moyer is an incredibly hard worker, and though things come naturally to her, she works at perfecting every skill. Moyer’s greatest asset is her strength, but she’s also “deceptively” fast and agile.
One of Moyer’s other gifts has been her ability to come up in the clutch. Beachy said in a lot of key situations, the Herd aimed to get the ball to their senior captain, and she’d deliver.
For the past two seasons, the Herd has also benefitted from Moyer’s leadership abilities.
“She’s been our captain for two years,” Beachy said. “Leading by example is much more of her gift. She’s fairly quiet in some ways but definitely does the stuff in practice and games that make her teammates follow her.”
The Herd featured nine seniors on the 2011 roster, and led by Moyer Carlisle finished the regular season 14-0 and captured the Mid-Penn Championship. Moyer finished her volleyball career as a two-time all-state selection, three-time District 3 selection and two-time Mid-Penn Commonwealth MVP. She was also The Sentinel’s 2012 Volleyball Player of the Year.
Despite all the accolades and honors, Moyer’s favorite memories came off the court. She treasures all the pasta parties and card games and fun times with her teammates.
Her coach also fondly remembers the fun times more than just the success.
“A lot of laughs with Ameleah,” Beachy said. “She’s a very funny girl as well. Some very good personal moments beyond volleyball.”
When volleyball ended, it was a quick turnaround before Moyer had to hit the court for a different sport. Once again she’d be called on to be a leader, but this time it would be of a squad lacking in varsity experience.
Once again, Moyer rose to the challenge. Article By Kurt Bopp, Sentinel Corespondent Posted: Sunday, July 15, 2012 8:08 pm [The Sentinel Varsity High School Sports]