Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Heather Beachy Named Police Chief

MEADVILLE — COCHRANTON — PA. She  doesn’t consider herself a ground-breaker, just a police officer with a new job.
Heather Beachy, a sergeant with Cochranton Police Department since 2009, now is chief of the department and is the first woman police chief in the history of Crawford County.
Beachy was named chief by Cochranton Borough Council, effective this month, taking over from Mike Phillips, who had retired.
“I’m excited about it,” Beachy said of her new role in a recent interview. “I want us to have a community-oriented police department.”
Mayor Burt Waite of Cochranton, the elected official who oversees the police department, said selecting Beachy was easy.
“She proved herself as sergeant,” said Waite. “We don’t have any concerns whether someone is male or female. She’s as tough as she needs to be when she has to and she’s also an excellent diplomat,” Waite said of Beachy. Click for more. Meadville Tribune July 16, 2012