Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Spencer Beachy Hubbard Oregon

Hi,I am Spencer Beachy,I'm a Junior at North Marion High School.I am 5'10 180 pounds.I am a very devoted player, I will do amything I can to better me and my team.I'm a person that is very easy to get along with so you will not have to worry about my conduct, or issues.My grades are far above average, I stay between the 3.88-4.00 GPA range.I have played for as long as I can remember.It has been my dream to play past high school all my life. I will play anywhere I can play, I am open to any different kind of school. My family definitely has financial need, definitely need Aids/grants. My dream ideal career at the time is to major in physical education, with a minor in Youth ministries. Click for article