Saturday, November 03, 2012

Hannah Beachy Colorado Springs CO
When Hannah Beachy decided to pursue a master's degree in Oriental medicine and career in Acupuncture  she just knew she would love it. It wasn't until she was about to graduate from Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder with close to $100,000 in debt that she realized she would have to come up with a good business plan if she was going to make her dream work. "Most people coming out of school and starting practices are geared toward the higher end," she said, "But I thought, how am I going to market a service I don't even think I could afford myself?" That's how Beachy came to establish the fast-growing Springs Community Acupuncture on the Westside. It's a volume business that focuses on making treatment affordable by offering acupuncture in a group setting. Click for the complete article by Amanda Miller November 2, 2012 Colorado Springs Business Journal.