Friday, October 20, 2006

Tom Beachy Pumpkin Seeds

Welcome to! The goal of is to efficiently distribute some of the world's best giant pumpkin seeds and genetics. Pumpkin in picture above 1027 pounds, WOW!
It takes 2 months of 20 to 100 pollinations every morning to produce seeds on upwards of 200 plants. The seeds I offer are from some of those successes, and I believe that some of them will help pave the way towards the 2000 pound mark. If you want to grow BIG Pumpkins start with Beachy's Seeds.
Beachy has a beautiful beach condo located on Siesta Key in Sarasota Florida available to rent. Can you believe this? Pumpkin growers get a discount!
Check the web site for details.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Benefit Sale Set For October 27-28

The Kalona News. The 51st annual Pleasantview Home Benefit Sale will be held in the Kalona Sales Barn Friday, October 27, with the sale beginning at 6 p.m., and Saturday, October 28, with the sale beginning at 10 a.m. The sale will continue Saturday until all items are sold.
Many quilts, wall hangings, crafts and wood items, baked goods, fresh produce and in-home meals will be sold.
Friday evening a turkey tenderloin meal will be served from 4:30 - 8 p.m. The menu includes a baked potato, cole slaw, dinner roll, dessert, lemonade and coffee.
Saturday there is an all-you-can-eat pancakes, sausage, coffee, juice and milk breakfast starting at 6 a.m. and going until noon. Pie, ice cream, sandwiches and beverages will be available for purchase during the sale.
For more information, contact Merle and Marlinda BEACHY at 319-656-3586 or Ray Poe at Pleasantview, 319-656-2421.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Gordon Beachy Promise made, Promise kept.

(World War II German Pill Box)
"A promise made is a debt unpaid" (R.S.) Gordon made a promise which he kept, so his debt has been paid. Gordon said, and I quote "I was a combat soldier in the second world war. I was an assistant on a flame thrower going across the Czaar River bristling with German pill boxes. I promised the Lord I would do anything for Him if I survived. The battle never went through and I spent another hitch in Germany and Japan. I got out and went to Bible college in 1950, where I met my wife, Carole. We went to Haiti in the Caribbean and spent 30 years there." (Missionaries) In my telephone conversation with Gordon, he told how he was jailed for 5 days when he first arrived in Haiti, no fault of his own. This is just one of the many stories Gordon has to tell. He is writing a book, hopefully we will be able to read about his experiences before long. Gordon and Carole are retired and living in Pensacola Florida. They have five children, two were born in Haiti. Gordon Jr. is serving in the military in Iraq at this time, expects to be home in November, 2006. Thanks Gordon and Carole, God Bless you and yours.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Rita Beachy "Joshua Cup"

posted by: j.h. trefry
May 17th, 2006
Joshua Cup Coffee House Macon GA
"We've had the opportunity to start focusing on roasting our own coffee and catering as well," said Rita Beachy, one of the owners. "We're not going anywhere - we're just a little smaller for now." The coffee house will continue to cater weddings and meetings with its mobile espresso bar, Beachy said, and will try to further promote that part of the operation. More information click.
Joshua Cup was voted "Best Place to Enjoy a Cup of Coffee in the Morning" by readers of the Macon Telegraph in their annual "Best of Macon" poll, Fall 2002. All profits generated by Joshua Cup go to support the programs for full story.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sarah Diener Beachy

At This School, Students Decide What To Learn Posted 2006-07-24
By Brad Jenkins. Complete story. It sounds like the kind of school a child dreams about: Kids make the rules, and they decide what they want to learn and when.
Beachy, a 27-year-old who lives just outside Harrisonburg, is the founder of Shenandoah Valley Community School, which enters the scene as public-school alternatives continue to gain attention.
To read more about the school visit their web site. To read more about Sarah Diener Beachy click here. Going where others feared to tread, bold undertaking!

President Bob Beachy, Foxcraft Homes Builders.

Foxcraft Home Builders has a long established history of building quality homes in the tri-state area. Foxcraft is a locally owned and operated company that has constructed over 500 homes in the tri-state region. The experience and dependability of being an established home builder for over 22 years ensures our customers that Foxcraft will be there to serve them now and in the future.
12816 Winchester Road, SW -- Cumberland, MD. A great site for more information.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Amish School Tragedy

Opinions Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2006 The Daily Collegian on line. Published by the students of Penn State.
Ever after what will go down in history as arguably the most horrific act of violence toward the Amish community, they managed to turn around and stun the world with kindness and understanding.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Roger Beachy PhD

This tiny transgenic tobacco plantlet can be grown in a small water dish as shown here, but still can be used to produce large quantities of recombinant protein, illustrating that plant bioreactors are extremely economical. (Source: Chenming Zhang, PhD)
“Some of the earliest ideas of using plants to produce novel proteins came from plant virologists,” says Roger Beachy, PhD, president of The Donald Danforth Plant Center, St. Louis. Those earlier scientists looked at the possibility of using plant viruses to carry new genetic information into a host plant, the result of which was temporary production of novel proteins. This type of transient expression of a foreign protein represented the beginning of plant biotechnology. Complete story click.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Elmer Beechy Jamesport MO

-JOHN LUDWIG/Daily Forum Anita (Younger) Espey, foreground, Cheri Boots, sitting, and Elmer Beechy take bids for an antique coach buggy at the wagon auction Friday afternoon that was overseen by the Younger Auction Co.
What would entice someone from California to drive to Maryville? What could attract residents of Texas and Minnesota to make the long trek to quiet northwest Missouri?
Everyone loves an auction. Read the full story.

Fishing the Platte River

Larry Beachy along with his son Mike and grandson Trent went for a fishing trip on the Platte River. Larry must have taken the pictures as he is not in any of them.
Beautiful river, beautiful fish! Mike caught his fish on a #23 hooks that he had tied various patterns of larva on. Real fishermen tie their own flies? Larry sent a number of pictures and it was hard to decide which ones to post, they were all so good. Thanks Larry!

Phil and Danny Beachy of Idaho State

Phil and Danny bagged their Elk the last week in September, with bow and arrow. Danny's wife Linda called the bull elk in. The down side was they had to pack it out three miles, it became a family effort to carry it out.
Phil's Elk was easier to pack out. Congratulations to Phil and Danny and their family on a successful hunt.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Dave Beachy of Sugarcreek Ohio

The Amish Heritage Foundation, founded by Dave Beachy and others for the purpose of buying and restoring The John Yoder House. It is located across the road from Beachy’s Country Chalet, on Andreas Dr. in Sugarcreek.
They bought the house for $1, they moved it from its original location to the farmland across from Beachy’s restaurant at a cost of about $30,000.
Beachy and other foundation members enlist the help of two Amish couples to give tours of the house, which is open Fridays and Saturdays in May through October from noon to 5. A nominal fee will be charged. We welcome any and all visitors.
For more information, contact : Amish Heritage Foundation, Box 704, Sugarcreek, OH 44681. Gifts are Tax Deductible.