Saturday, April 04, 2009

Dave Beachy presented the Cliff Moomaw award to Jerry Jacobson.

Click for picture credit“His belief in the future and constant need to think outside the box has led him to success in the business world,” Beachy said of Jacobson. “He almost rebuilt the entire [Goshen Dairy] building from scratch and in so doing brought back the Swiss-inspired character that put Sugarcreek’s architecture in the forefront years ago.”
Beachy shared stories about and joked with Jacobson before calling him up to present his award.
Jacobson was moved and shared that his favorite movie of all time was The Wizard of Oz and he felt it was so fitting to see a scene performed as the entertainment by members of the Garaway Drama Department earlier in the evening.
He spoke about his personal yellow brick road and the Emerald City he hopes to build as his roundhouse comes to life just south of Sugarcreek. Click for more about celebrating Sugarcreek's leaders-past and present by Beverly Keller local Edition Editor, Budget - Sugarcreek,