Friday, October 06, 2006

Elmer Beechy Jamesport MO

-JOHN LUDWIG/Daily Forum Anita (Younger) Espey, foreground, Cheri Boots, sitting, and Elmer Beechy take bids for an antique coach buggy at the wagon auction Friday afternoon that was overseen by the Younger Auction Co.
What would entice someone from California to drive to Maryville? What could attract residents of Texas and Minnesota to make the long trek to quiet northwest Missouri?
Everyone loves an auction. Read the full story.

Fishing the Platte River

Larry Beachy along with his son Mike and grandson Trent went for a fishing trip on the Platte River. Larry must have taken the pictures as he is not in any of them.
Beautiful river, beautiful fish! Mike caught his fish on a #23 hooks that he had tied various patterns of larva on. Real fishermen tie their own flies? Larry sent a number of pictures and it was hard to decide which ones to post, they were all so good. Thanks Larry!

Phil and Danny Beachy of Idaho State

Phil and Danny bagged their Elk the last week in September, with bow and arrow. Danny's wife Linda called the bull elk in. The down side was they had to pack it out three miles, it became a family effort to carry it out.
Phil's Elk was easier to pack out. Congratulations to Phil and Danny and their family on a successful hunt.