Monday, April 14, 2008

Dave Beachy, Sarasota, FL

Dave with the 42 inch snook he caught last night 4/8/2008 off the dock in Little Sarasota Bay."It was caught on my biggest pole (13 foot) with 40 lb. Cajun line with a 100 lb. leader.

Shane Beiler helped me bring it in and release it. What a fish!
The fish was a little difficult to get it in but not as bad as I would
think, for the size of it. I have two big snook lights that I leave on
all night long. The lights attract small little bait fish at night and
this helps draw the snook around the dock." Dave said, "I had the "Caught at Beachy's Dock Sign" made when we bought our new house last year." Thanks Dave for the picture and story, gb