Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ezra Beachy 1912 - 1999

Pacific City Oregon Sunday 3:00 PM,1977, Pacific City is dedicating its bridge over the Nestucca River honoring a much admired local citizen, Ezra Beachy. Everyone in town knows Beachy. Now 65, he was stricken with measles complicated by spinal meningitis when he was 12. He has made a useful life despite extensive muscular and nerve damage and severe speech impairment. The bridge to be named for him replaces one that collapsed into the Nestucca River in the mid afternoon on Oct 24, 1972, taking with it a truck loaded with lumber. The driver jumped to safety, and the truck resting on a center pier, was salvaged with its load intact. The new bridge is wider and longer with an eight foot wide walkway, which is Beachy's favorite fishing spot. Unable to cast a lure due to his handicap, he fishes for Salmon from the bridge by letting the current of the river work the lure. When a Salmon was hooked Ezra would work his way to the end of the bridge and down to the edge of the river where the Salmon could be netted. Most of the time some one would come to his aid in helping to land the fish. A bronze plaque at the entrance to the bridge reads "Ezra Beachy Bridge" The Rev. George Milne, pastor of the Presbyterian Community Church, presided at the ceremony.