Saturday, February 27, 2010

Family Friend, Carol Beachy's Letter About Nate's Passing

Many people, in some way or form, have had their lives affected by cancer, themselves directly, or though a loved one or friend. We just don’t expect the individual to be so young as 7-year-old Nate Elfrink. Nate was in a battle with a brain tumor that could no longer be fought and his fight ended early Friday morning. Family friend CAROL BEACHY sent out an e-mail to let people know of Nate’s passing and it read:
Continue to pray for our dear friends, the Elfrinks and the extended family. Nate passed on from this life to his eternal home with Jesus Christ. God has used Nate to touch so many people in this world. I pray that I can be as positive as he was.
Everyone who cared and prayed for Nate, can take solace in the fact that his days of suffering are at least over now. CAROL BEACHY summed up this tragedy best when contacted this morning about young Nate. “These things happen in life and we need to keep the faith to have the strength to keep on going,” said Carol. Click for article By Kevin Dye Staff Writer, London Madison Press, Saturday, February 27, 2010