Sunday, July 27, 2008

Menno Jr. Beachy

ELKHART IN. -- Menno Beachy Jr., 77, of 59185 Lewis St., died at 9:35 a.m. Tuesday (July 22, 2008) in Goshen General Hospital. Click to read the complete article.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Owen Beachy, New use for Old Bridge

Meadville Tribune - Meadville,PA,USA
French Creek Recreational Trails Inc. proposes using the Mead Avenue Bridge to carry an extension of the Ernst Trail into Meadville. The bridge, parts of which were built in 1871 and 1912, was closed in 2007. (FILE PHOTO TIM HAHN/Erie Times-News) Zoom | Buy this photo The 138-year-old bridge spanning French Creek on the western end of Meadville could soon lose its perch, as county officials who own it and community members who used it would like a brand new bridge built on the same spot. Click here to read statement by OWEN BEACHY of the EADS Group, the county's engineering firm.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Beachy Amish Mennonites

To what religious group do the Beachy Amish Mennonites belong? The Beachys are part of the Anabaptists, a Christian religion begun in Switzerland in 1525. Other Anabaptist groups include the Amish, Mennonites, Brethren, and Hutterites. Anabaptists are neither Catholic nor Protestant, though they are often categorized as a Protestant group by writers unfamiliar with Anabaptist history and doctrine. They were started in June 1927 and are 81 years old as of June 2008. Click here for information and pictures.

Brandon Beachy

Tuesday, July 22, 2008 Northern Virginia Daily - Strasburg,VA,USA

River Bandits pitcher BRANDON BEACHY signed by Atlanta Braves
"I'm just thinking, you know, this is a dream come true. I mean, ever since I could pick up a ball and watch TV this is what I've wanted to do and now I'm doing it," said Beachy, "I was so stunned and shocked, I didn't know what to think." Click to read article, By Tim Tassa -- Daily Staff Writer

Atlanta photo by RoBoNC

Monday, July 21, 2008

Norman Beachy finished second ------

Farmers’ Market Jamboree in downtown Greeneville TN
Sun Photo by Bill Jones Source: Greeneville Sun - Greeneville,TN,USA

Dozens of vendors and hundreds of visitors turned out on Saturday morning for the Greeneville Farmers' Market's annual "Jamboree."
Also on hand was the NORMAN BEACHY family, who had for sale a variety of baked goods, including fried pies and several different breads. Norman Beachy took time out from selling the family's wares to compete in, and finish second in, the adult division of the hog-calling contest.
Click to read article in The Greeneville Sun By BILL JONES Staff Writer Published: 11:49 AM, 07/21/2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tammy Beachy comments on gas prices.

Fuel analysts think oil prices may have peaked, but AAA says you'll likely have wait more than month to see gas prices drop significantly.
"I know as soon as they go up, it's on the pump, but when it goes down it takes like four or five days to even go down a few cents," driver Tammy Beachy said. And AAA says you'll have to wait longer...."It seems to be a scam you know," Beachy said.
Click to read article by Reporter: Mike McCarthy WVLT - Knoxville,TN,USA Posted: 10:00 PM Jul 18, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lydia J. (Miller) Beachy

Amish Crazy Quilt by Lydia J. Beachy was purchased by the Smithsonian America Art Museum.
66 x 78 in. (167.6 x 198.1 cm)
Smithsonian American Art Museum
Museum purchase made possible in part through the Smithsonian Institution Collections Acquisition Program 2000.78 Click to see the quilt and information at Smithsonian Art Museum.
Lydia was born April 7, 1863, Grantsville Maryland, Married David S. Beachy November 2, 1980, Arthur County, IL. Died 1925, Arthur, Illinois.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Ed and Brenda Beachy

Photo by MICHAEL GALLACHER/Missoulian MT.
Brenda Beachy and her husband Ed display one of the numerous quilts that will be auctioned off Saturday July 12, at the sixth annual Mission Valley Auction in St. Ignatius MT. Proceeds from the sale will benefit the Amish School in St. Ignatius.
Saturday's auction, which will take place just off Foothills Road just outside St. Ignatius, will also feature a host of other Amish-made products. There'll be Leroy Miller's handcrafted timberframe home, Ed Beachy's garden shed and a gazebo.
You can also bid at live auction for two log-cabin kits, lawn furniture, log beds and furniture, as well as some high-end hardwood furniture.
“Most everything other than the quilts was made right here in the valley,” Ed Beachy said.
The Amish came to the Mission Valley in 1997, led by a handful of families who left another Amish community in Rexford.
Click to read the complete article in the Missoulian by Reporter Michael Moore
Watch a video about the Amish quilts, by Letty Hingtgen

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Shem T. Peachey

Shem T. Peachey of Alamogordo New Mexico. A Border Patrol veteran of over 27 years, has announced his retirement effective this July, 2008. "Congratulations & best wishes in your retirement."
Alamogordo Sunset by Shirley and Ken Leung click for more photos

Timothy Beachy, Iowa

Photos via eric stoller on flickr
Iowa River: The flood may be over, but for those homes and businesses that were touched by the floodwaters, the real work has only begun. Residents, business owners, volunteers and contractors have been working to clean out buildings inundated during the flooding.
Independent organizations, such as the Haven Mennonite Church based in Kalona, also have organized cleanup efforts. TIMOTHY BEACHY, 26, said he has volunteered four days, helping tear out wet carpet, drywall and insulation from the homes of elderly Normandy Drive residents. "They can't get done thanking us, they really appreciate it," Beachy said his church has been helping the area for two weeks and will continue until the work is done. "For a lot of people, if they had to do it themselves, they just couldn't foot it," Click to read the complete article by Tyler O'Neil • Iowa City Press-Citizen • July 8, 2008

Monday, July 07, 2008

Jana & Paige Beachy, mother & daughter, pro golf fans.

Natalie Gulbis golf pro. picture.
Paige Beachy, 11, stood with her mother, Jana Beachy, waiting for Gulbis to finish practicing.
Paige was able to get Gulbis' attention among the fans and got her autograph on a white shirt and baseball cap. The mother and daughter, both smiling, gathered their things and made their way to tee box No. 1 to watch Gulbis swing away.
Last year, the two traveled from their home in Fort Smith to have a mother-daughter weekend and watch the tournament. The two continued the tradition this year. Click for complete article by Melissa Sherman The Morning News - Springdale,AR,USA

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Christopher Beachy's "College for Kids"

Picture credit Andrea Johnson/MDN --
Hyla Beachy, 8, tries to find her chorus frog in its habitat. The chorus frog is so small that it disappears easily amid the rocks.
Youngsters had a chance to “own” their very own frogs or salamanders for a few days last week in Christopher Beachy’s “College for Kids” class at Minot State University.
Beachy said he’s having a lot of fun with much younger students than he’s accustomed to teaching. He owes a lot of his animated teaching style to being a dad and his observation of his kids’ elementary teachers. The secret of being successful as a teacher of younger elementary kids is to know how to talk to them and how to tell them to form a line, he said. When he first started coaching his son’s soccer team, he wasn’t as sure of how to teach kids. Click to read complete article by ANDREA JOHNSON, Staff Writer, Minot Daily News, June 21, 2008

Friday, July 04, 2008


Amanda Maurer, Magaly Estrella, LARISA BEACHY and Beth Zambrano will promote Oscar Mayer for a year by driving a Wienermobile or Lil' Link across the country. The Wienermobile has marketed Oscar Mayer since 1936. The vehicle is a massive model of a hot dog on a bun. It is 27 feet long, 11 feet tall, eight feet wide and weighs about seven tons. Zambrano said each Hot Dogger completes a two-week training program called "Hot Dog High" in Madison, Wis., home to the headquarters of Oscar Mayer. The Hot Doggers learn the history of Oscar Mayer and the Wienermobile and endure more than 40 hours of driver training.
Beachy opened the Wienermobile and showed that the vehicle has seating for six and a faux mustard-splattered walkway. She said the red and yellow theme is "ketchup and mustard inspired." "We're actually going to be traveling to Oregon and northern California," Click for complete article, - Des Moines,IA,USA