Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Post Surgery >>Update<< On Trent Beachy

Dec. 11,08
Good news everyone! we called Creighton University teaching Hospital
this evening to speak with Cathy and check on Trent's progress. To
our surprise she put Trent on the phone. We had a wonderful
conversation with him. He reported that he stood up today and walked
about 20 steps, sat on a chair, and stood with his hands on the back
of a chair. What great news. The big questions now are when he will be released and what kind of therapy he will be on.
For those of you who have been following Trent's condition since his accident here is the latest new from his dad. Dec. 10, 08. Rest of Trent's story posted below.
His surgery was 51/2 hours rather then the 31/2 hours that were planned. They fused C- The right side of his spine they could do conventional surgery removing broken pieces of bone and putting in a plate. The left side was really broken up so badly they added artificial bone and some of his own bone. Now we will have to wait for the swelling to leave and the healing to take place. The road gets long now. He will need our encouragement and caring. God Bless. Dad