Friday, February 27, 2009

Bull Kills Man-Finger TN.

Joe Beachy of Finger also raises cattle and was good friends with Isbell. Beachy said he had spoken to Isbell several days earlier, warning him to be careful around the bull. "I told him when he got ready to separate the calves, to call me because he shouldn't be doing it himself," Beachy said. "But he (Isbell) said it would be fine if he kept a stick with him." Beachy said the bull had come up to the fence on several occasions when he was in an adjacent field, bellowing and pawing the ground."He was mean, and I didn't trust him," Beachy said. Isbell worked many years as a tie buyer for Koppers Inc., a Mississippi-based lumber company, Beachy said. Click to read the complete article by Mariann Martin in the Jackson Sun-Jackson, TN, USA