Saturday, November 25, 2006

Earl & Virgina Peachey 50th wedding anniversary

Novemeber 24, 2006
GALESBURG - Earl and Virginia Peachey, 1948 Knox Road 200E, will observe their 50th wedding anniversary today.
Earl Peachey and Virginia Ingold were married Nov. 24, 1956. Earl and Virginia met while working at a children's home in Kansas City, and were married at East Bend Mennonite Church in Fisher.
They are the parents of Kevin (and Julie) Peachey, Keith (and Lindsay) Peachey and Steve (and Gail) Peachey, all of Galesburg. They have nine grandchildren.
The couple enjoyed a family celebration Nov. 5 and will continue the celebration with a family trip to Florida in August.

Earl is the 6th generation from Peter Bitsche who came to America in 1767, Peter's son Moses's decendents go by the name Peachey, Peter's other two sons Abraham & Peter decendents go by the name Beachy.