Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Tai Peachey of Galesburg

Tai Peachey of Galesburg looks to pass during the game against Hillcrest Hawks in the Pontiac Supersectional on Manday night. [picture Nick Adams/The Register-Mail]
PONTIAC —They watched another team celebrate at the final buzzer, receive a supersectional plaque and cut down the nets. Then Evan Massey huddled his Galesburg High School girls basketball team together after their 77-70 Class 3A Pontiac Supersectional loss to County Club Hills Hillcrest on Monday and directed them to the throng of Silver Streaks fans in the east bleachers at Crowley Gymnasium.
The 17 girls who somehow made it this far walked over and clapped for the hundreds who drove nearly two hours to watch them. “It’s not about us,” senior point guard Tai Peachey said. “It’s about everyone in Galesburg and working hard being a team. It’s a big deal.”
During a time when Galesburg has had little to cheer about, a bunch of girls on a basketball court gave their town something to stand up and be proud of. Click to read about a great team By Aaron Frey The Register -Mail Posted Mar. 01,2011

Jade Beachy Lafayette IN

2/28 Theater Make-up Class
Junior Jade Beachy in Women's Studies with a minor in Theater demonstrates her blood and gore make up, complete with attitude. Click to see pictures of her skills.
The Purdue Exponent.

Phillip Beachy PHD Stanford University Medical Center CA.

Stanford discoveries offer first new hope in three decades for lethal pediatric brain tumor. "So little is known about this disease," said Philip Beachy, PhD, professor of developmental biology and senior author of the study. "This work has the potential of moving us a huge step forward."
A pediatric brain tumor that causes gruesome suffering is finally yielding its secrets. For the first time, scientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine have cultured human cells from this cancer, Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, and used those cells to create an animal model of the disease. Their discoveries will facilitate research on new treatments for DIPG, a tumor of school-aged children that is now almost universally fatal. The advances come thanks to the parents of young cancer victims, who donated their deceased children's brain tumors for research in the hopes of sparing other families the pain they had experienced. Because of its location in the brain stem, this cancer is rarely biopsied, so scientists have had few previous opportunities to examine the tumors. Click for the article EurekAlert press release Feb 28, 2011

Robert Beachy Associate Professor

Robert Beachy, from Goucher College in Baltimore MD, writes in The Journal of Modern History that modern conceptions of homosexuality can be traced to an anti-sodomy law, according a news release. Beachy's article, The German Invention of Homosexuality, summarized his forthcoming book, Gay Berlin: Birthplace of a Modern Identity, which is due out next year. Click for the article By Michael Winter, USA Today Feb 28, 2011 More about Robert.

Roger Beachy Director

The director of USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Roger Beachy was in St. Louis recently visiting the Old North co-op and discussing the issue of nutrition.
Here in St. Louis, the Old North Grocery Co-op opened last summer, in an effort to increase healthy food options in an underserved part of the city. It’s the first co-op in Missouri to serve a predominantly low-income neighborhood. Beachy says many communities don’t have public transportation, and without it, people are stuck with whatever food is available in walking distance – usually, a less healthy selection than most parents would like for their children. Click for article read and/or listen By Veronique LaCapra, St. Louis Public Radio (2010-07-19) The co-op specializes in selling produce grown within about 100 miles of the store. (Photo credit: Art Chimes) Link to store.