Thursday, December 29, 2005

Leo Beachy

Leo Beachy was born in 1874 was famous for his photography. In the near future prints of Leo Beachy's pictures will be available. Gerry Beachy said they have started a museum in Grantsville Maryland which will be dispalying Leo's pictures. They plan to sell some prints to help with museum expenses. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Tom Beachy's Giant Pumpkin

Giant Pumpkin, southern Indiana, year 2002, 1097.5 pounds. Way to go Tom! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 24, 2005

What Plane is This ?

Yours Truly in the pilot seat of what airplane ? One clue, the plane is now in a museum. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Mike Beachy, winter hunt.

Mike Beachy of Goshen gathers in his ice-encrusted decoys after an unsuccessful morning in pursuit of mallards. Photo by James H. Phillips, a columnist for - Kendallville,IN,USA He can be reached at

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


....Yea, I have a goodly heritage. Psalm 16:6
Leroy & Mary Jane Beachy of Millersburg, Ohio have been taking tours to Europe for a number of years. Leroy will not be leading any tours in 2006 as he wants to finish writing his book about the Anabaptist immigration to America. (not sure of the title) Leroy is very knowledgeable about our ancestors history, it will be a good book and we are looking forward to seeing it.

Vern Beachy

Vern was hired in January 1997 as news director at KOB Radio in Albuqerque, New Mexico. In the fall the station was given the Marconi Award for overall excellence in radio. Way to go Vern!
MARCONI sends the first Atlantic wireless transmission December 12, 1901.
More about Vern and his comments on the news at his Blog site.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Adobe Oven in Guatemala


Beachy places first round of adobe blocks for the oven. The adobe mud/dirt was mixed on site and made into blocks using the Eskimold; after a few days in the sun they were ready to build with. The local bakery uses a much larger adobe oven to bake in, the one we built is a good size for home use. For those who don't know the oven is heated by building a wood fire inside, when the oven is up to temperature and the fire is burnt out, the bread, etc is placed inside and the door is shut, it then bakes from the heat stored in the walls of the oven. Posted by Picasa

Moving Right Along


Al Anderson and Glen Beachy take time to pose for picture. Posted by Picasa

Nearly Complete

 Posted by Picasa

Adobe Block Crew

The Adobe Oven Crew,
Glen and Melba Beachy, and granddaughter Heidi Graham. Heidi's dad Howard is the inventor of the mold, it was designed to build Igloos out of snow, which it does very well, and is a great winter activity for both kids and adults. The brand name is Eskimold and can be purchased on line at We were pleased to find the Eskimold works equally well for adobe as it does for snow.
The oven in the above picture still needs a door and a couple more layers of mortar on the outside.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Successful Hunt

Jeremy Saffarek, of Smithers British Columbia, bagged this Mountain Goat during the season of 2005. His dad taught him and his two brothers the skills needed to hunt the wild outdoors of B.C. All three sons of Jeantte (Beachy) and Kurt Saffarek have bagged several of the big game animals that live in B.C.
Note: The steep mountain terrain where they hunted.

Friday, October 21, 2005

David Beachy's Hovercraft

I first got the idea that I wanted to build a platform that floats on a cushion of air about ten years ago,having no clue that there was such a thing as a hovercraft!
After doing some research I discovered that "hovering platforms" called hovercraft were being made since approximately the year 1967-the year I was born! Growing up, I've always enjoyed building things that I could sit on and go-even if I didn't know what to call it when I was finished!
I obtained a set of plans to build a hovercraft and built it. It ran well but was too small to carry more then one person, so I sold it and made a bigger one, this one lasted about five years. Next I decided to build my own design, almost entirely out of Styrofoam and fiberglass - which gave me the freedom to make it look how I wanted it to look! It has a Geo Metro 3-cylinder engine for thrust and a 14hp Kohlar for lift, I also made my own propeller and lift fan. I had the GPS clock my speed @51 mph but my engine was missing pretty bad at the time,so I expect to get about 65mph after tune-up.
I only have about 20 hours on the craft-with most of those hours giving rides.So I have yet to give it a good test! [Way to go David]

Monday, October 17, 2005

Eli Beachy

Rocky Knoll Gazebos owned and operated by Eli Beachy, builder of high quality gazebos, deck and stair rails. Customized hand rails etc. 550 whitetail Drive Rexford Montana, (888) 893-9498 (406) 889-5286.

Beachy Breezer

The Beachy Breezer

Ernest Beachy in the mid 80s enlisted the help of a friend, a former aircraft designer, to come up with the Beachy Breezer. He made and sold about two dozen of them from the plant in Clarion Iowa.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Beachy Discovers Sasquatch

Floyd Beachy of Creswell Oregon finds the legendary Sasquatch while in Canada. It turned out to be a bronze reproduction located in Creston B.C. Better luck next time Floyd

Wildwood Hill Cabin

Peaceful, Private, Picturesque

Make a Memory

Rest, relax for a night or a week

Ideal for families and friends, anniversaries, honeymoons
Check-in time 3-6pm
Check-out time 11:00am
No Sunday check-ins
Visa & Mastercard accepted

Your Amish-Mennonite Hosts:
Mark & Mary Ellen Beachy Family
11095 Pleasant Hill Rd NW
Dundee, OH 44624
For reservations call
Web Site,

Pastor Darren Beachy

My name is Darren Beachy. I was born in Washington, Iowa and lived in Kalona, Iowa for the first 5 years of my life. Kalona is the largest Amish community west of the Mississippi River. From 1970 until 1985 I lived in Clarion, Iowa.

I went to school until the 8th grade and then worked for my dad full time in his auto repair shop. At 19 years of age I joined the US Navy and got married to Dede Dake. We spent 5 years in San Diego, CA. Upon my honorable discharge from the US Navy we moved to Fond du Lac, WI. I currently live in Huntingtown, MD.

I have been a Pastor for 10 years. Many have asked me about my calling to the ministry, how did it happen? what event changed your path? etc. I wish I could say what it was specifically but I cannot. I can tell you that God was working on me for a long time, and He is still working!

We moved to Searcy, AR. where I received a Bachelor’s degree in Bible from Harding University. I am currently attending Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC. completing a Masters Degree in Theological Studies. I am a volunteer hospital chaplain, an active volunteer at the local homeless shelter, and I sit on the Board of Directors at the local pro-life organization.

I am interested in my Amish family roots. I am intrigued by the simplicity of life of the Amish and of the Mennonites. Living in the metro DC area I can appreciate the less hectic life of the Amish.

I like to read, not for pleasure, but for knowledge. I jog most mornings and I like to play racquetball. I have 3 daughters, one dog, and a cat.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Abraham Beachy's Stone House PA.

A beautiful stone house built by Abraham, son of Peter I. Each generation a male descendant from the Beachy family has lived in that house until now. It is presently owned by Jerry and Martha (Compton) Beachy. His parents had lived in it. He is the first generation with no male descendants. so there's no one to pass it on to! All the stones were cut and gathered by Abraham and his family.
This information comes from the genealogy book, "The Family of Hans and Margaret Zum (Bach) Biettschi" Compiled by Raymond and Darla Beachy 1626 - 2004.
To purchase a copy of this book contact: Darla Kizer 4911 Old Oak Leaf Drive Sarasota, FL, 34233. email
I highly recommend this (big) book for anyone interested in the Beachy Family history. It is very user friendly, with lots of interesting stories, notes, and historical pictures. A great book for researching the family tree all the way back to 1626 in Switzerland.
Credit for the above photo goes to Martha Beachy in Arizona.
In my phone conversation Oct. 6, 2005 with Jerry Beachy, he told me the stone house was built in 1809 and that he has sold the stone house and the new owner has moved in and is repairing it.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Captain Gordon Beachy

Captain Gordon was flying for TWA when this picture was taken of him seated in a MD-80. After American Airlines purchased and liquidated TWA he was laid off, and went on to ATA where he flew 757's for a year. ATA subsequently came down with "Airline Industry Disease," so Gordon accepted America's offer to fly for their regional affiliate, American Eagle, where he is Captain on their Embraer 145 (50 seat RJ). Gordon is a graduate of the only Mennonite aviation college, Hesston College, in Hesston Kansas. >Thanks Gordon, may your skies always be clear,<

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


The Beachys, of Stuart's Drift, Virginia, are a ministering family of eight led by Rose and Noah Beachy. They performed during the Saturday night outdoor concert

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Beachy's Seafood Posted by Picasa

Beachy's Sea Food and Delly

142nd Street & Coastal Highway

Shrimp • Clams • Scallops • Fresh Fish • Crabs • Live Soft Crabs

Hot Steamed Crabs
Live Soft Crabs
Homemade Soup
Homemade Crabcakes
Homemade Salads
Cold Platters
Seafood Sandwiches
Seafood Platters
Steamed Spiced Shrimp
Fresh Delicious Sandwiches
French Fries & Beachy's Fries
Specialty Sandwiches
Grilled Burgers & Dogs

Friday, September 16, 2005

Beachy's Pharmacy, Grantsville MD

About Us

In these days of super stores, it's becoming harder and harder to find a business with personal service directly from the owners. A family owned pharmacy since 1979, Beachy's Pharmacy caters to its clients with convenient front and rear parking that includes a hitching post for Amish customers. Free prescription delivery service is now available in the Grantsville, Accident and Salisbury, PA areas.

Beachy's Pharmacy, located at 149 Main Street in the center of Grantsville, is a member of Epic Pharmacies, a group of over 400 pharmacies in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware. As a group, Epic Pharmacies sign contracts with most insurance companies, so when the patient's drug plan lists Epic Pharmacies, the patient is covered at Beachy's. The Beachy pharmacy computer system helps maintain prescription records and, more importantly, performs automatic checks for harmful drug-drug interactions, protecting their patients for over 18 years. This service has been updated many times and provides easy-to-read drug information for the patient every time a new prescription is filled. The computer also allows the pharmacy to have a direct connection to most insurance companies so the patient knows immediately if the drug is covered by insurance.

Beachy's has their own website: The site is designed with the patient's needs in mind including easy ways to refill prescriptions and order drug information 24 hours a day. The site also contains information on services offered by the pharmacy, special gift merchandise available, links to helpful medical sites, and pictures of the store. You can contact Beachy's directly via email:

Beachy's Pharmacy supports many local groups through donations and has been a sponsor of Grantsville Days for the past 28 years.

Visit Beachy's Pharmacy in Grantsville where the patient always comes first. At Beachy's Pharmacy, "they work hard to help you feel better"!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Governer appoints Dr. Roger Beachy

Beachy to head plant biotech council by: hfoster
Updated: 2005-09-07 19:45:24-05
JEFFERSON CITY -- Gov. Matt Blunt announced the appointment of Dr. Roger Beachy as chairman of the Governor’s Advisory Council on Plant Biotechnology.

Beachy is the founding president of the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis, his home city. He received a bachelor’s degree in biology from Goshen College in Indiana and a doctorate in plant pathology from Michigan State University. Beachy is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and is internationally known for his research on developing virus-resistant plants through biotechnology.

The Governor’s Advisory Council on Plant Biotechnology is charged with analyzing the state’s current life sciences environment to determine how the state can better capitalize on the industry’s potential, serving as an aggressive recruitment committee to attract new life sciences companies to Missouri and determining if a state-based regulatory structure is desirable.

The commission will hold its first meeting next Tuesday, Sept. 13 at the Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Amish Restaurant Driving Directions

Yes, it is really true, a delicious old fashion genuine Amish dinner is served every Friday evening during the summer months.
Look at your Montana highway map, in the northwest corner of the state. Find the towns of Libby and Eureka, got it? Highway number 37 connects the two towns, travel north if you are in Libby, travel south if you are in Eureka. Note, the junction to highway 37 is just a little way north of Eureka.

As you are traveling along the east side of the lake formed by the Libby Dam you will see a long bridge spanning the lake, turn west on this bridge, after you cross over turn right (north) follow the paved road to the Amish community, don’t give up, it really is out there. When you see a little school house on your left you are almost there, the store with a hitching rail at the side of the parking lot is the place.

Call 406-880-3588 after 9:00 AM for reservation. You will not be disappointed, go a few minutes early to view the Quilts and other items in the general store.

Check out the license plates on the cars in the parking lot, they are from many states and even Canada.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Beachy Family Tree needs more leaves.

I live in Creston BC Canada, I am retired, and my hobby is collecting Descendents of Peter (Bitsche) Beachy who came to America in 1767.

My goal is to establish a data bank where any living Beachy can request a list of his ancestors back to the first Beachy who came from Switzerland to America. This data will not be posted on the web for the whole world to see, it is just in my PC ‘Family Tree Maker’ program. I have a good start on it with names being added every day, if you are a Beachy looking for your ancestors, I may be able to help you.
Please ask.
It would be a pleasure to add your name to the Beachy family tree and send you a print out of your ancestors.
Most of the time all I need is your name & spouse, your parents names, and your grandparents names.
The Beachy name is spelled many different ways so even if it is spelled a bit different it may still be a descendent of Peter Beachy.

Thanks for your help, I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Glen A. Beachy

1725 Hurl St. RR 5

Creston B.C. Canada,

Phone 250 428- 9542


“To forget one's ancestors and their teachings is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root”

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Family Genealogy Brings New Insight

Tracing my family genealogy back to the reformation in Switzerland where the Anabaptist movement started, has revealed their commitment that is beyond human understanding. These men were tortured and put to death because they believed that baptism should take place upon confession of faith rather than as an infant.

There are detailed records of the actual conversations that took place between the church rulers and the Anabaptist men that were called before the church rulers to explain their actions. Even with scripture proof to back their belief this men were condemned and put to death, some by drowning some were burnt at the stake.

It was during this time that my ancestors fled to America to escape this threat and to practice their belief in a new land.

As I read the accounts of my family history, I caught a glimpse of the price my ancestors paid to live out their faith in scripture. It is only a fleeting shadow of the price Jesus paid at the hands of religious leaders to provide eternal life to those who believe, repent, accept Him, and are baptized.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Will History Repeat Itself?

Does History have To Repeat Itself?
Or Can We Change It?

The collapse of nations and empires has held an interest for me all the way back to my teenage years. I remember talking to dad about the civilizations that have disappeared from the earth. Like the Egyptians, the Romans, the Greeks, Babylonians, to name a few. My question at that time was how long could we expect the US to last when other nations have failed to survive.

Over the years I have read different opinions why the different civilizations failed. Some of these writers were right with at least part of their reasons. I was looking for a simple condensed three point statement why the powerful nations failed.

Little did I think when talking to my dad all those years ago that I would live to see the day when America (Canada Included) would meet all the requirements for failure, as shown to us by past civilizations.

Two words describe the reason for the downfall of once powerful nations.

>>>>>>>>>>"MORAL CORRUPTION<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Moral corruption is a monster with many heads and any nations that allow this monster to mature will become its victim.

History does not have to show that North America followed the same road as the other nations in the past did.

Abraham asked the Lord (Gen. 18:16-33) if He would spare Sodom if there were ten righteous people. God said He would spare the city even for ten righteous people. "God does hear the prayers of a righteous man". "Our destiny can be chosen".

The moral life of any people rises or falls with the vitality or decay of its religious life. John Sutherland Bonnell

Test of Faith

The last few months I have been entering Beachy ancestors into my "Family Tree Maker" program on the computer. I feel like I’m beginning to know some of the Beachy people back there so long ago.They are more than just a name with a date of birth and death. They become a real living person when I read about the death of their children, babies, teens, young men and women, deaths through accidents, and sickness. Life was not always easy, oh Yes, there were good times as well, when we all hoped it would never end.

Today some of you are experiencing hard times dealing with sickness, old age, cancer, and loss of family members. Death seems to be lurking around the corner, like a thief waiting for the next victim to come along. To rob us of our life that we had planned so carefully; to cheat us out of the dreams we laid out to achieve over the years.

“In reality our birth is nothing but our death begun.” (Quote)

This is nothing new; it has been going on ever since God made man out of dust. The positive side, is the "Hope" we have that has been passed down for hundreds of generations. Our ancestors in Switzerland had this hope so firmly ingrained that even death by cruel inhumane ways, would not cause them to retract their belief in God.

They must have been tormented in their minds, "why should we have to suffer at the hands of supposedly religious men? Why should we be murdered because we understand the Bible differently than the rulers of the church?" Regardless of the cruel torture and death they suffered, they still left a legacy that we profit from today. They fled to America to start a new life, free to decide for themselves what was right.

Their faith was beyond our imaginations; was it really? There are many of you people in our own families and friends that have this Hope, this Faith; just as strong as our ancestors who were put to death for what they believed.

The Test of Faith comes to all of us, with slight variations, as it did our ancestors; will history show we passed the test? "We can be sure it will."

“Faith is a path; that leads us through unknown territories with confidence, because we know the final destination.”

“More than anything else, I believe it's our decisions, not the conditions of our lives, that determine our destiny.”