Sunday, July 06, 2008

Christopher Beachy's "College for Kids"

Picture credit Andrea Johnson/MDN --
Hyla Beachy, 8, tries to find her chorus frog in its habitat. The chorus frog is so small that it disappears easily amid the rocks.
Youngsters had a chance to “own” their very own frogs or salamanders for a few days last week in Christopher Beachy’s “College for Kids” class at Minot State University.
Beachy said he’s having a lot of fun with much younger students than he’s accustomed to teaching. He owes a lot of his animated teaching style to being a dad and his observation of his kids’ elementary teachers. The secret of being successful as a teacher of younger elementary kids is to know how to talk to them and how to tell them to form a line, he said. When he first started coaching his son’s soccer team, he wasn’t as sure of how to teach kids. Click to read complete article by ANDREA JOHNSON, Staff Writer, Minot Daily News, June 21, 2008