Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jay Peachey Bull Rider

According to Jay Peachey of Belleville PA, a bull rider competing in the Memorial Day Rodeo at Wellsville Frontier Days club grounds on Monday, it all comes down to eight seconds. That's the amount of time that a bull rider must stay on the animal in order to get a score. Judges assign scores to the riders based not on the amount of time they stay mounted, but according to how much control they assert and how much the bull bucks. Peachey, of Belleville, spends his weekdays pouring concrete foundations for a living. But on weekends, Peachey spends his time traveling to any rodeos he can get to in the region. Peachey would be hard-pressed to say why exactly he wanted to get into bull riding in the first place. But wherever the urge came from, it led him to a school in Texas where he learned the skill. "It's a little scary at first, but the adrenaline rush takes a lot of the fear away," Peachey said. Cick for article By Tom Joyce Daily Record/Sunday News 05/30/2011 Picture credit,

Jim Beechy Councilman

MILLERSBURG OH. -- It's official. The James Crissey Memorial Swimming Pool will be closed for the 2011 season because of severe damage in the pool's floor caused by high water. The pool bed was poured in 1929, which makes village officials feel they got their money's worth without having to perform major structural repairs for more than 80 years. Now that the concrete is exposed, it is obvious several flaws existed from the first pour.
"I had three people come up to me today and say 'I hope you're not closing the pool' and that has an impact," said Councilman Jim Beechy. "Unfortunately it won't be available this year." Click for article by Jeff Canning, Staff Writer June 3, 2011