Saturday, September 27, 2008

Captain Phillip L. Beachy

Vietnam POW Remembers Those Left Behind
By Judy Smestad-Nunn Jakson Time - NJ,USA
Lakehurst Naval Air Engineering Station was the site of the region's largest prisoner of war/missing-in-action remembrance service last week, holding its annual ceremony at the base chapel.
Hosted through a joint effort of the base and the Navy Lakehurst Historical Society, base Commander Captain PHILLIP L. BEACHY made the welcoming remarks to a standing-room only crowd gathered inside the chapel. BEACHY introduced this year's speaker, Chief Warrant Officer Frank Anton (retired), who was a POW in Vietnam for over five years. Click to read a touching article about the effects of the Vietnam war

Friday, September 26, 2008

Allen Peachey, Myerstown PA

Allen Peachey, 24, was traveling north on Route 501 south of Lengle Road when the carriage was struck from behind by the truck, driven by Darryl Good, 26, of Myerstown, according to state police. Click to read the complete story by Reading Eagle News Staff Sept 14, 2008.
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Sam Beachy, Apple Festival Director, Nappanee ID

"We're excited. It's a great city (Nappanee) to be a part of," says SAM BEACHY, Apple Festival Director.
But the highlight of the weekend for many is a world record-breaker. It's one impressive pastry. It takes 400 pounds of apples and one hundred pounds of dough to create. It's seven foot in diameter and has to cook for 17 hours in the oven before it's ready to be served up. "We have many, many people come and that's the reason they come to say 'I've had a slice of the world's largest apple pie," says Andrews. Click for the full article. Fox 28 - South Bend,IN,USA

Austin James Beachy

Eli with his son, Austin born Feb 3, 2008. Eli & Jessica with family live in Port Clements BC.
Welcome Austin James to the Beachy family.

Kathryn (Beachy) Lenz

Passed away Sept. 7, 2008, age 91.
Memorial service will be held Oct. 3, 2008 in McMinnville Oregon, at the McMinnville Senior Center, 2250 NE McDaniel Lane, 1:30 pm. Kathryn was the fifth child of William and Mary (Miller) Beachy. Kathryn was well known as a gifted speaker in the church where her father was pastor, in Sheridan Oregon. Here her God given talent really shone during the years of World War II. She spoke words of encouragement to the mothers and wives of the men who were away to war. She believed God would bring them all home safely, and said so many times. God was good and every man from that church returned home safely. Now Kathryn is home walking on streets of gold where she will never grow old. Posted by her brother Glen.

Grandson Jeremy Bags Moose

Jeremy of Smithers BC was lucky and his name was drawn for a Moose tag in northern BC. He was in the right place at the right time to bag the only Moose that was taken on the early hunt. His dad Kurt Saffarek was there backing him up all the way. The weather was warm, so the Moose was quickly hauled home and prepared to hang in the cooler. This is one more Big Game animal for Jeremy to add to his list of successful hunts. Posted by Grandpa Beachy.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chris Beachy

Chris Beachy, Minot State University biology professor, Minot ND USA
Students from area high schools take part in a trail exercise during the Mouse River Loop Envirothon Wednesday at the Upper Souris National Wildlife Refuge. They also heard a lecture by CHRIS BEACHY, a Minot State University biology professor, on the importance of biodiversity. The students took notes during BEACHY's presentation and were required to give oral presentations during the afternoon.Winners of the local Envirothon will go on to compete at the state Envirothon near Cooperstown next spring. Click for the rest of the article by By ANDREA JOHNSON, Staff Writer Minot Daily News - Minot,ND,USA

Jed Beachy & Friends, Partridge Kansas

Picture and article credit--Kathy Hanks/The Hutchinson News) The sun rises behind students, from left, Matthew Nisly, Derek Miller and JED BEACHY as they ride west on Trail West Road into Partridge on Tuesday morning. Moses, the Nislys’ dog, follows. Click to read the complete article.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Dave Beachy and Sarah Palin

Dave sent me a note and a picture of himself and Sarah Palin governor of Alaska taken this year in Alaska.
Dave said "Beachy's support Palin. She is awesome! :)
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Beachy Properties
Dave Beachy, CEO

Monday, September 01, 2008

David Beachy

This picture and note just came in form David Beachy. I'm impressed! maybe you will be too. Thanks David for sharing with us. gb.

"I have done a few up-grades since my first flight-I put on a larger radiator,as the smaller one let the engine over heat.Put a Hascon fan on the lift engine to create better lift.Also redesigned the rear steering mounts to be able to handle more stress,for the high powered turns. I have close to 20 hours on the craft-and they say it takes about 20 hours flying time to get the bugs worked out of a new craft! But over all I am very happy with the design and performance of the craft."
"I did manage to win the quality construction award this year,with the Hoverclub of America."