Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ezra Beachy 1912 - 1999

Pacific City Oregon Sunday 3:00 PM,1977, Pacific City is dedicating its bridge over the Nestucca River honoring a much admired local citizen, Ezra Beachy. Everyone in town knows Beachy. Now 65, he was stricken with measles complicated by spinal meningitis when he was 12. He has made a useful life despite extensive muscular and nerve damage and severe speech impairment. The bridge to be named for him replaces one that collapsed into the Nestucca River in the mid afternoon on Oct 24, 1972, taking with it a truck loaded with lumber. The driver jumped to safety, and the truck resting on a center pier, was salvaged with its load intact. The new bridge is wider and longer with an eight foot wide walkway, which is Beachy's favorite fishing spot. Unable to cast a lure due to his handicap, he fishes for Salmon from the bridge by letting the current of the river work the lure. When a Salmon was hooked Ezra would work his way to the end of the bridge and down to the edge of the river where the Salmon could be netted. Most of the time some one would come to his aid in helping to land the fish. A bronze plaque at the entrance to the bridge reads "Ezra Beachy Bridge" The Rev. George Milne, pastor of the Presbyterian Community Church, presided at the ceremony.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sweet Potato to wipe out hunger in Africa

It's that love of the Earth and its people that inspired Howard, of the Howard G. Buffett Foundation to make a donation of more than $3 million to the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis. Buffett's goal is to wipe out hunger in Africa. Click for Picture credit and information on developing Sweet Potatoes.
President Dr. ROGER BEACHY of the Danforth Center said the foundation was interested in the work the center was doing and asked it to consider expanding the scope its work.
The first goal of the project is creating a sweet potato that resists two separate viruses. In order to make that happen, scientists at the Danforth Center partnered with sweet potato experts in Peru and Uganda.
"It's essential that we have the folks from Uganda there because they tell us what varieties farmers prefer and they know how to work on the ground with the farmers," said Beachy.
But the team of scientists at the Danforth Center is dedicated to growing the world's best sweet potato, thanks to the generosity of a farmer who hopes to feed the hungry in Africa. Click for the complete story.

The Man Who Owned the Sky

Replica of the Curtiss Flyer and Stunt Pilot Lincoln Beachey displayed in the Aviation museum in McMinnville Oregon. Click here for More about Museum.
Lincoln Beachey, a memmer of the Curtiss aviation troupe and one of the most famous of our pioneering aviators, was the star attraction. Orville Wright himself once said, "An aeroplane in the hands of Lincoln Beachey is poetry. His mastery is a thing of beauty to watch. He is the most wonderful flier of all." On his last tour of 126 cities in 1914 his average audience was said to be over 100,000. The United States Congress adjourned twice from formal sessions, in 1906 and 1914, to witness his performances. He was universally declared "The World's Greatest Aviator" by everyone from Orville Wright to Glenn Curtiss, from poet Elbert Hubbard to inventors Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell. Lincoln Beachey, Inc., earned over $250,000 during 1914 ($3,750,000 in current dollars). Click to read more about Beachey in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Beachy’s Country Chalet - Sugar Creek

SUGARCREEK – Beachy’s Country Chalet will host its annual benefit for Hospice of Tuscarawas County May 12 from 4 until 9. “We’re very proud to put on this event to benefit Hospice,” said Mary Beachy, chairwoman for the event. Since it began over 11 years ago, the event has raised more than $50,000 to benefit hospice.” In addition to tips collected by servers, Dave Beachy, owner of Beachy’s Country Chalet, has pledged the donation of all beverage sales from the evening. Click here for nore information.

Daniel Beachy, Hickory Furniture

Daniel Beachy Hickory furniture business located in Michigan it is alive and well. May 4th 07, I took the above picture of one of their Hickory Rocking Chairs at the "Kootenai Woodworks" warehouse in Rexford MT where they ship several truck loads each year. It is a very impressive hand crafted chair that anyone would be happy to own. I called Daniel who now lives in Wisconsin, it came out during our visit that his sons are very involved in the making of their Hickory furniture. For more information call Melvin Coblentz the manager at 989-386-8418.

Larry Beachy's big catch.

Larry Beachy on the left, caught this 60 pound Rock Fish in the Atlantic, about six miles off the east coast of Elbow Cay, Abaco, Bahamas. Robert, man on the right, called Larry and said "we need you to help catch groupers tonight." Later on under a full moon Larry hooked into what the first mate said was a Shark, he was told to hang on until he cuts your line. This so called Shark turned out to be a 60 pound Rock Fish, the meat is worth a great deal of money, no gaff hook on this one it might damage the meat. Two men hoisted it on board by putting their hands in its gills. It wouldn't fit in the fish tub so they wedged it in a spot where it couldn't flop overboard. What nice catch to end the fishing trip with. Way to go Larry and Robert!

Robert Lowe is a native fisherman who dives for lobster and spears grouper, charters his 35 ft. Sport fisherman for Tuna, Dolphin, and Wahoo. He also hand lines for large groupers. He can be reached at Seagull Charters, Hopetown, Abaco, Bahamas.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lucy Beachy

Lucy Beachy was hiking the aspen loop trail on Mt. Lemmon in August 2004 when she got lost. For six days she ate grass and drank mountain water. Last month Beachy used GPS to return to the exact spot where she slipped and fell down a waterfall.

Click for the complete story and video.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Steve Peachey

Galesburg High School girl's assistant coach Steve Peachey talks with junior guard Keli Jo Hinkle during a Dec. 2006 game at Thiel Gym.
GALESBURG - Steve Peachey is leaving coaching - at least for a while.
Peachey has decided to step down from his position as varsity assistant for the Galesburg High School girls basketball team - a job he held for the past 14 years.
"Has it been 14 years? It's been so much fun I haven't paid attention to the years," Peachey said. click full story