Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Cross Roads School Students 1935

The Cross Roads School, just off of Route 669 on the Niverton Road PA
Front Row: Pete E. Yoder, John Miller, Elmer S. Yoder, Frank Durst, Max Miller, Watson Durst, Galen S. Yoder, Donnie Engle, Harvey C. Yoder, Arthur Schrock,
Billie Lee,
Second Row: Rosetta Stangarone, Elnora Schrock, Mary Yoder, Rachel Beachy, Leona Folk, Ada Schrock, Grace Beachy, Annie Coblentz, Thelma Yoder, Alice Beachy, Effie Yoder,
Third Row: Floyd Brenneman, Alma Beachy, Allen Schrock, Ardith Miller, Irvin Beachy, Mary Beachy, John Yoder, Wilma Miller, Charlie Folk.
Forth Row: Lois Lee, Ernest N. Beachy, Anna Thomas (teacher) Simon G. Brenneman, Mary Ruth compton.
Seven Beachy kids in this picture. Anyone know them? Posted by Picasa

The Cross Roads School

The Cross Roads School, just off of route 669 on the Niverton Road, PA
Cross Roads School 1907 - 1908
The teacher, Florence Yoder, stands at the extreme right of the picture, Noah Beachy: extreme right, first full row (age 10) Allen Compton: Backrow, to the right of the second section of blackboard.
Annie Beachy: right, second full row, second child.
Effie Beachy: right, second full row, third child.
The following students are also in the picture but position is unknown:
Floyd Bender, Lewis Bender, Menno Beachy, George Shaw, Ray Engle, Lester Engle, Emma Engle, Orpha Baker, Crist Baker, Evora Folk, Lydia Folk, George Shaw, Robert Larue, Ray Shoemaker, Arthur Shoemaker.

The Beachy Family

The Beachy Family ministry began in 1998, with parents Noah and Rose Beachy and their eight children singing in churches, prisons, nursing homes, retreat centers and at various public events. They live in Stuar's Draft, VA Posted by Picasa

Elaine & James Beachy

Gary Tomkins with car owners Elaine & James Beachy, after winning the 2004 DIRT Modified Track Championship. Posted by Picasa

Tomkins/Beachy Team

The entire Tomkins/Beachy team pose after their fourth win of 2004 and Modified Track Championship. Posted by Picasa