Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Collin Beachy Coordinator

Collin Beachy, Student Life Activities Coordinator, holds a basketball at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, Jan. 21, 2011. (Photograph by Aaron DuBois/City College News)
The Intramurals Sports Program tips off with five-on-five basketball leagues starting Friday, Feb. 11.
Student Life Activities Coordinator, Collin Beachy, heads up the program.
“I am excited about it,” Beachy said. “I am ready to do whatever I can to get those who want to, playing basketball.”
“We’re starting with basketball,” Beachy said, “but there has been a lot of interest in other sports.” Click for article by Zack McKeague Editor in Chief February 1 2011 City College News

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The Slide by Kyle Beachy: Not only does his name "Beachy" sound summery, his debut novel takes place over a summer in St. Louis. Click for article in the ChiagoNow (blog)