Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Paul Beachy Visits Switzerland >correction<

>>This is a correction to the post of Aug 28, 2009, Paul said I posted the wrong picture. Here is the right one. (I hope)<< This is the house Peter Bitsche lived in.
An e mail letter came in from Paul Beachy. He was in Switzerland this summer and sent a few pictures of the Beachy house that he visited while he was there. One of them is posted above. Thanks Paul for sharing with the rest of us. If you have any information about the house you want to share you can write it in the comments. Thanks.

Dr. Roger Beachy is "pragmatic, not an ideologue"

Organic and small farm advocates have criticized Beachy’s appointment because he supports genetic modification of seeds. Beachy said in an interview he hopes those groups will learn that he is “pragmatic, not an ideologue,” but added that he regrets that the definition of organic food excludes genetic modification. Beachy said he shares with organic advocates the goal of reducing use of pesticides.
Complete article by Jerry Hagstrom,Agweek Published: 10/19/2009