Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jonas Beachey Pickaway County, Ohio

TARLTON, Ohio -- A Pickaway County Amish man is getting some help from his friends while trying to get his dogs back. The Ohio SPCA said Jonas Beachy was running a puppy mill and confiscated 52 dogs from his farm on October 1.  
The animal rights group went to the farm with Pickaway County Sheriff's Deputies, and were armed with a warrant.
Beachey told ABC 6/FOX 28 he never was shown the warrant, and he was overwhelmed when the army of deputies, dog wardens, and volunteers showed up to his 52 acre farm.

Ray Spence said he has known Beachey for 10 years, and has never seen him mistreat his animals.  Spence and Beachey talked with County Commissioners this week about trying to have the dogs and puppies returned to the farm. Beachy said he is especially upset because the volunteers took his companion dog, Speckles.  "He is a wonderful dog.  He goes with us in the buggy to visit the neighbors.  Speckles would be happiest here on the farm.  He is special to us." Click here to read the complete article. Fox News, 
Reporter: Lu Ann Stoia Web Producer: Ken Hines, Thursday October 11, 2012

Mickey and Logan Beechy Newton Falls

NEWTON FALLS - Mickey Beechy knew he was in trouble after he saw the final scorecard.
His son, Logan, then 11 years old, was 16 strokes better than his father during a nine-hole round.
Logan, a Newton Falls High School senior, started playing golf only a year or two earlier.
"I've been playing my entire life and he started beating me with ease when he was 11," Mickey said. "I thought I had a few more years. I thought we would be playing and I would be kind of close together score-wise for year or two, but that wasn't the case.

Mickey, who has owned Duck Creek for 11 years, saw his son play many rounds over the years, but none as important as this weekend. Logan tees off Friday morning in the Division II state tournament at Ohio State University's Scarlet Course in Columbus.
Mickey can see a lot of his father, Myron, in Logan with every swing of a club. Logan has Myron's luck as well. Logan has three holes-in-one during his young career. Click for a great article By John Vargo, Tribune Chonicle.