Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bill Beachy Commission Chair Topeka KS

Commission Chair Bill Beachy wants the City Manager to consider not eliminating the three employees that make up the Human Relations Department, "We're going to be told that people should take their requests to the state human relations commission, which for us doesn't make anymore sense than when you have a burglar in your back yard and you decide to do something about it, and you call up the state highway patrol."
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Bird in Grill Africa

This story just came in from Jeanette (Beachy) Saffarek. She and her husband Kurt are visiting their son Luke in Botswana. They have been touring and camping extensively and have some interesting stories to tell, one of them is posted here. Enjoy.
"We have a great bird story too. Kurt hit a bird and 250 km later at a gas station the attendants all gathered around the car and were pointing at the front, I thought they saw our mouse, then one reached down and there was a horrible racket and he pulled the bird out of the front of the car and it flew away!!! It was wedged in head first."