Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dave Beachy Sugarcreek OH

Thanks to Lavon Daughtery and Dave Beachy, Sugarcreek can boast its own horse-drawn trolley.
The saga of the trolley goes back several years, when Daugherty and Beachy made a trip to Mount Hope to look at carriages that were going to be soldthe the next day at the Mt. Hope Auction.
“I liked this one because it was low and loaded from the right side,” said Daugherty, owner of Collectors Decanters and Steins, a store in Sugarcreek. “I couldn’t attend the sale so I told Dave if it sold for under $2,000 I would purchase it.” Daugherty said his interest in the trolley was to promote tourism in Sugarcreek. Luck was on his side.
When Beachy, owner of Beachy’s Country Chalet restaurant in Sugarcreek, got to the sale, the trolley was being taken out of the sale ring. When he learned it had not sold, Beachy offered the owner $1,750 the trolley, and the offer was accepted.
“We brought the trolley to Sugarcreek, painted it, put carpet on the floor and added advertisers signs,” Daugherty said. Two two red Belgian horses are lesed from Leroy Stutzman to pull the trolley. Stutzman, Paul Miller and Abe Troyer are the drivers. Click here for the article By Barb Limbacher staff writer. Posted May 13, 2011 @ 09:30 AM