Thursday, April 05, 2007

Beachy Amish web site

No, the Beachy Amish don't live down at the old seashore but if one clue can be given, take a look at our picture above. Do you notice some Amish colors showing? No more of the drab black as the Beachy Amish are sporting some color.

Founded more as a fellowship in 1927 by Moses Beachy, the name took hold even though Moses himself asked for that not to be done out of all due humility.
The above picture and statement was taken from the Beachy Amish web site, click link below.

Here is a Beachy Amish web site, that I think you will enjoy, check it out. Some of the articles and opinions posted there may make you angry or maybe you will agree with them, either way it will cause you to think.