Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jodi Beachy

WARREN OH — A group of former Delphi Packard employees now are saying they regret taking the buyout/early retirement packages.... Jodi Beachy is among a group of former employees planning a meeting of people who took the buyout or an early retirement package to strategize what can be done to either get their jobs back or to obtain additional benefits from the company.
"It was a stressful time,’’ Beachy said of the 45-day period in July and August 2006 that employees had to make their decisions to take the buyout and/or early retirement." Read the complete article, by RAYMOND L. SMITH Tribune Chronicle.Warren, OH.

Steve Beachy

Collage Station Texas
"Why have a park at all? That's a good, fundamental question. It gets back to quality of life, but it goes beyond that," Beachy said. "It goes into the realm of economic development." Read the complete article by April Avison Eagle Staff Writer