Saturday, February 21, 2009

John Steiner on Family Genealogy Data

Picture credits Hocking County, Ohio Genealogy and History website.
Personally written genealogical data is often lost. Families don't know what to do with the stuff, and often doesn't realize its value.
There are very few people who take on Genealogy as an early hobby - My granddaughter, and some who are involved in SAGA/OMII are exceptions. Every few years my granddaughter makes up a book, gets it copied, and gives it out to family members. Given the ease of digital photography, any one with a 5 megapixel camera or above, clicking it on close up, and then photographing what you want will create a .jpg file and you can send them to whom ever. I'd make sure that there is one page about the author, if only the name of the author, life dates, reason for distributing this. Include the date, places to which you have sent your data. It is the responsibility of the genealogist to cite one's data.