Sunday, January 22, 2006

Beachy Family Writers

To all of you writers of Beachy history and/or family stories, your stories are important. Don't put it off, write them down and share with the rest of us. I know some of you writers are working on your stories, hang in there until its done. I will be glad to post you on this site if you give me the go ahead. Posted by Picasa

Captain Gordon Beachy

The River 101.1 WVRV Ask the Authority Guest- "Pilot Gordon Beachy" with DC, Julie, Steve & Jill Devine! (Gordon is the good looking one in the middle)- He is a pilot and he was debunking some myths with us- He said that there is a rule that says the Captain and Co-Captain should not eat the same foods before a flight.Then Steve tried to get him to admit that they try to do the Woodpecker thing by hitting the brakes over and over while on the runway. Jill asked if he could explain the mile high club a bit. Scroll down to Jan. 17 Posted by Picasa