Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Stephanie Beachy Vancouver BC, Winter Olympics 2010

North Island Lodge’s home is normally at Langara Island in the Queen Charlottes. It will be in False Creek as a floating hotel during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.Photograph by: George Fischer photo, West Coast Fishing Club
West Coast Fishing Club announced Thursday the North Island Lodge based on Langara Island will become the 2010 Lodge, located directly under the north end of the Granville Bridge for the entire month of February. Top picture, Stephanie fishing at Langara Island
STEPHANIE BEACHY wrote. "On Tuesday Jan 26th, the barge was moved from the Fraser river to false creek, which is right down town in the heart of the Olympic action! The Lodge is being rented as a "Floatel" by McDonalds. 18 of their ambassadors are staying for the month of February. They moved in yesterday! My title is "Hospitality Manager" It was a lot of work setting up the lodge, I had to organize a continental breakfast as well as all the refreshments, hskp and hotel supplies. I hired a Housekeeper who I work with in the summers. We spent a whole week just cleaning and setting up!" Click to read more.