Thursday, September 24, 2009

Brandon Beachy Homer Middle School Huskies

Homer Middle School Huskies competed in a cross-country race in Kenai over the weekend and turned in some impressive finishes in the effort. On the boys’ side, Brandon Beachy finished ninth, Click to read it all in the Homer Tribune, (AK) Sept. 23, 2009

Dr. Roger Beachy Appointed by President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama has appointed Dr. Roger Beachy, founding president of theDonald Danforth Plant Science Centerin St. Louis, to serve as the first director of a new federal agriculture agency. Beachy said he plans to rent a place in Washington, D.C., but also keep his home in Clayton. Click here for the article in the St. Louis Business Journal by Kelsey Volkmann

Jesse Beachy Helps With Stranded Bull

"I couldn't believe it! You couldn't have forced him to go up those steps if you tried, but there he was. Ten men couldn't have made him go up there," he recalled. He called his friend JESSE BEACHY who came over to help with the distraught bull that was tearing up everything in the pack house in his panic to escape. Click here to read a very interesting story By Debra Ferrell/The Union Star Tuesday, September 22, 2009 10:08 AM EDT