Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Clint Beachy

Owner operator Clint Beachy is loading logs on a off highway logging truck. I suspect the loader operators try to see who can build the biggest load. The exceptional big loads are known as Picture Loads, that is when the cameras come out to record the big ones. This picture was taken on the Q.C.Islands off the west coast of B.C.

Dr, Paul Peachey

Father George McLean (r.), general editor, presents Paul Peachey with a copy of his book "Building Peace and Civil Society: An Autobiographical Report from a Believers' Church" Photo by Ray

At EMU, Eastern Menonite Univesity, the Anabaptist Center for Religion and Society (ACRS) sponsored a conference entitled "The Church - Catholic and Anabaptist." The initiative for the Nov. 29-30 event was a long-standing friendship between Dr. Paul Peachey and Father George McLean. Roman Catholics and Mennonites are engaging each other in discussions at many levels. Click to read article by, Albert N. Keim professor emeritus of history at Eastern Mennonite University, posted December 12, 2007