Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ed Beechy St. Ignatius Montana

Ed is publishing a Garden Gazette
Dear Friends,
It's true! We've created a new gardening magazine that is just beginning to take root and I hope that it grows into somethings that we can all depend on. I've been gardening since I was big enough to pull weeds for mama and always wanted to share what I've learned. A magazine seemed like a logical place to do that. The Gazette will include more than just my advice. Yes, I will be including my own experiences about what has worked and what hasn't, but I'm also depending on other gardeners to share what they know.
It is incredibly rewarding to put a small seed into the earth and watch a green plan push through. Gardening is a therapy for the soul that reaps a bountiful harvest for your efforts. Keeping ahead of the weeds is hard work but seeing the regards of a beautifully cultivated garden is worth the effort. In reading the magazine, I hope you find a nugget of advice that helps you in your corner of the world.
Happy Growing Ed Beechy. Click here to web site.