Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mennonites Going West

Mennonites from Kentucky and Tennessee along with a local Mennonite family are working to establish a settlement on the Queen Charlotte Islands. The Islands are 70 miles off the coast and are the most westerly point in Canada. Livestock is moved by barge on the water and led by a pickup truck on land, under the watchful eye of the Mennonite lady on foot.

Eli Beachy's Wedding

The above picture was taken in Port Clements B.C. Canada, Sept 1, 2007. Eli and Jessica's wedding day. Other family members are, Eli's parents, Craig and Colleen Beachy, along with brother Clint, and sister Stephanie. Congratulations Eli and Jessica, may God give you a long and happy life together. (from grandma & grandpa beachy)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Jim Beachy, Biker

"When I walk up to another biker in a parking lot and we’re both far from home, there’s an immediate connection, a shared experience, a knowledge that we’ve both braved the elements, navigated all the turns, and felt the same exhilaration a motorcycle offers. Often we have shared some of the same rides."
Read all about Jim's bike trip from Virgina to PEI and Nova Scotia Canada and back home, the summer of 2007. Complete with maps and detailed discription, really great!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Old Order Amish Church 1881

The Niverton Old Order Amish church which was built in 1881 near Springs MD (further down the hill on the Niverton Road from the Cross Roads School) where Joel and Annie (Hershberger) Beachy were married on March 8, 1925. To read more about Leland and his many accomplishments and view his pictures click here. Thanks Lee for sharing with us. [editor's comment, I was unaware that the Old Order Amish ever built church houses.comments anyone? ]

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Beachy (Bietche) Farm late 1700s

This picture was taken from the farm lane of one of the two farms purchased by Peter (I) and Peter (II) after they relocated to the Springs area in the late 1700s. This farm lies along the Mason-Dixon line. The state line between PA and MD. The view is from PA looking down into the valley which is in MD. Photo submitted by Leland Joel Beachy. Click to see more of Leland's photos. The descendants of Joel D. and Annie (Hershberger) Beachy met in Garrett County Maryland in August 2007 for a reunion and a history tour of local points of interest in the Springs, PA and Grantsville, MD area. Thanks Leland for sharing this information with us. For more information about the Beachy (Bitsche) name read the header at the top of this blog.
Click for more information about the Mason Dixon line.

Patricia Beachy

Beachy was selected Outstanding Teacher of the Year at the recent 2007 Maryland Teachers Association conference in Annapolis.
Beachy also received the Ideas Unlimited Award from MATA in 2005 and won the 2006 National Association of Agricultural Educators Region VI National Ideas Unlimited Award -- for a lesson with her ag science class called "Fear Factor Crops." Read the rest of the story by Ike Wilson, News-Post Staff Photo by Graham Cullen