Monday, March 01, 2010

Lela & Allen Beachy Delaware Winter, 2010

Lela Beachy sent an E mail letter and pictures of the snow. Thanks Lela.
(Jan 30) We got around 24" of wet heavy snow then it turned very cold and froze onto the trees. The pictures show the morning after the storm abated. Strong winds drifted the snow. The big machine encased is Allen's backhoe, his main "handle "on such a snowy situation!
Everything came to a standstill! DE does not have equipment to deal with snow like this. The snow broke powerlines and thousands were without electricity and the power Co. could not navigate because roads were closed. It was HAVOC!! Trees, espically, holly and evergreens, were badly damaged from limbs breaking under the prolonged weight of heavy frozen snow. Allen had his skid loader under roof. During the storm he went out to shovel his way to the barn to feed the animals, gave up, shoveled open the shop door ,got skid out and started to move snow and got stuck with it . He wiggled his way back into the shop, closed the door and grabbed his hand shovel again!
We were blessed to not lose electric. We have wood heat and had plenty of fuel and food. We had drawn extra water,just in case and he could have carried water to the animals from the pond in emergency.Glad he didn't need to.
The weather stayed cold and snow didn't melt and a week later we had a second blizzard that drifted roads, driveways, AGAIN! That was 3 weeks ago. The snow has been shrinking but the fields are still covered.Normally, farmers would be working the fields for planting peas!! The east coast would have been happy to donate snow for the Olympics!!!!
Have a good day!
Lela Beachy