Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Harold Beachy, Mugged in Scotland ?

This letter came from Harold's e mail address. "i made a trip to Scotland (United Kingdom) unannounced some days back, Unfortunately i got mugged at gun point last night! All cash, Credit card and phones were stolen, i got messed up in another country, stranded in Scotland, fortunately passport was back in my hotel room. It was a bitter experience and i was hurt on my right hand, but would be fine. i am sending you this message cos i don't want anyone to panic," Then it goes on to say, "wondering if you could loan me some money to sort out the hotel bills and also take a cab to the airport about (1000.00 British Pounds)."
This morning I called Harold at his home and apparently everyone in his address book received this same message. Harold is still at home and not in Scotland. That is the good news, the bad news is we could be the next victim. Beware!